The Journey began in 2002…

It all started at the age of 12 when I wrote my first code in the scheme with the help of my elder brother and soon I fell in love with programming. So today I thought to put down in words the journey of my programming life. Being a kid I realized that my capability to do anything in life is directly proportional to my coding skills. The more I wrote a neat and succinct code the cleaner and organized I became. I started harping more and more on my style of writing codes and used to practice a lot due to which  I developed a focused attitude towards any other task I performed.  As with focus, unstructured time to explore an interest is a good way to foster curiosity and after all, Life is about continuous improvement and taking the steady tiny step towards your goal.

From the very beginning of my education, I was a math lover and someone who loved solving puzzles & logic. Programming was a very fruitful skill which back then I never realized and used it in my daily life. So I learned my basic math solving skills from the Trachtenberg speed system of Basic Mathematics and I remember putting it in form of CLI to play with it for fun, similarly, I made a CLI using the book links which I used to read back then just to store them in a proper order. I loved shell back then. 😛

My interdisciplinary course in graduation (Industrial & Production Engineering) gave me a wider spectrum of applications for programming. I build a UI for an FMCG during my internship for an inventory management project using HTML, JS, C++, and SQL to which used to identify no.of plastic bottles and tin cans required for a particular a particular area in different quarters, it was a distribution problem which was solved by this naive fix and was appreciated.

My Postgraduation at Indian Institue of Science (IISc) helped me upskill my mathematical knowledge and gave me a different lens to look at problems. My favorite subject at IISc was Probability & Statistics which forms a base of so many algorithms out there now. I firmly believe  that it all starts from a random variable ‘X’. This guy ‘X’ is something one needs to tame to understand an algorithm. By taming it I mean learning the probability it follows and the distribution it gives. And of course, my love for coding followed with it I also learned machine learning & the big data environment (Hadoop).

With all these experience and a continuous effort, here I’m standing in a space which is an intersection of mathematics and computational skills which I never realized I’ll be being a kid.

I believe that my profile curve and my skills as a person were shaped up to present by that one skill which my elder brother sowed as a seed in me and then nurtured deep in me and now will nourish forever.


A 🙂