I’m the founder of Tech Womaniya – a is a community of women who deal with programming, mathematics, statistics, and applications of various technologies in diverse industries.We focus on women who are into STEM, the main idea of this community is to strengthen and empower women in technology, mathematics, and engineering.We meet to get to know each other better, exchange experiences, learn together and mutually support each other. We are inspired to act, develop and break stereotypes – the group’s goal is to build an environment conducive to development in all areas related to new technologies.


Green Tara is a Startup project it is an online marketplace and community for sustainable living and wellness. It will offer cruelty-free ethically produced products as well as training, courses and a platform for interaction on these matters.
Green Tara will also tap into Indian tribal communities, who at present are essentially excluded from access to buyers. The Korku tribe in Central India alone uses 40 medicinal herbs, addressing conditions from asthma to obesity.
Wellness, both mental and physical is a notion often forgotten today. Indigenous medicine and spiritual practices are the true wealth of India and only a very small share of these (largely in the form of yoga) is well known. Green Tara will enable access to these, whether it is forest bathing, meditation practices from the Baul community in West Bengal or Buddhist mindfulness exercises from Sikkim.

I and my two best friends Sid & Nan came up with this concept.

I build a platform both web app and a mobile phone app to support the cause. Will be available soon on play store. Expected Product Launch is Q2 2019.