My BookWorm – The Book Loft

Bookworm- The book loft, is a website to compare book prices online.  The user can enter the name of a book and can compare it’s prices online from different websites. Bookworm uses the ISBN code of books to get their prizes from different online sellers.

I’m a Booklover and I always used to search for books at different websites to find the cheapest seller. The idea of such an application strolled into my head when I was searching for a book called “The miracle of mindfulness“, and was searching for the cheapest version and that’s when I thought to make this task a little bit easy, so developed this naive solution. I have used HTML, CSS, JS and have deployed it using Firebase.

Computer Seekho

Computer Seekho is an android app for small kids to learn python coding. It plays like a quiz game and asks questions about small snippets of python code ex. – types of sorting algorithms.

Learn python while having fun!

I have used Java and have deployed it using android.

Available on Playstore.Soon will release a version with more codes and languages

E- Guzzle

E-Guzzle is your guide to refueling or recharging your Eco-Friendly Vehicle wherever you are in India. It finds you the electric vehicle charging stations nearby.

I have used java and have deployed it using Android studio.

Available on Play Store 

The next step would be a platform to find all kinds of fuels and energy resources by fetching real-time price updates on a daily basis. I’m working on it currently

The Scholar Den

In this growing world of technology, we have so many social media where people share their post, blogs, pictures, they talk about jobs and even troll political scenarios of their country or region.

There is nothing where people could hold quantitative mathematics discussion, or operations research discussions etc. So I thought to create a web app for academicians & professionals who are inclined towards academics The Scholar Den, for academic work. I have used Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JS and deployed it using Heroku

Statofic Club

The idea behind Statofic Club was to create an online platform for Statisticians, data scientist, mathematicians & coders to collaborate on the research work (publications, research projects, tools, articles related to the field) they are doing and to be updated about the fields in different languages. I got this motivation through one of my Japanese friend who faced an immense problem with the English language, so I thought to create an online open source web platform which could later be used as a repository.

I used CSS, JS, HTML &  Firebase API for backend. The interface was built keeping in mind the user’s experience for simple submission and tagging of their research work. A search interface is given for users to have an edge over filtering according to their requirements.

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